Google chief executive embroiled in bitter neighbour dispute

A Google chief executive living in London has become embroiled in a bitter dispute with his neighbour over an incredibly small extension.

Mr Koert Holtgreve, who acts as Google’s Head of Territory Sales for the UK and Ireland, has allegedly locked horns with his neighbour, Ms Janet Highland, after erecting a small wall outside his multi-million pound home.

The 44-year-old exec, who first moved into the three-bedroom house in Peckham last year, has reportedly built a six-metre wall across the boundary between his and Ms Highland’s properties.

However, since erecting this wall, his neighbour has complained that it runs some 4cm on to her land – and has therefore ‘devalued’ her home.

She alleges that the measurements used for positioning the wall were ‘inaccurate’, as builders used an old fence as guidance when putting it up.

In a complaint made to Southwark’s planning department, Ms Highland argued that the wall had deviated from the plans she had initially agreed too. However, the disgruntled neighbour was told that an encroachment this small was insufficient to warrant enforcement action.

To exacerbate the dispute, Mr Holtgreve has issued a series of complaints both to the council and to local police amid concerns that Ms Highland has been playing music too loud and causing a disturbance.

A report in The Sun suggests that the Google exec felt ‘forced’ to report Ms Highland to police on grounds of harassment after a series of “snide comments” were made.

“The police have advised us not to have any contact with [Ms Highland] and that we should call them if they approach, speak or attempt to access our property,” he said.

“Ms Highland has also been given numerous opportunities through mediation to sit down and try to amicably resolve any differences there might be.

“She has unfortunately declined all offers,” he said.